CBD and Drug Tests – Will it have an affect on my result?

Many people work in sectors that require them to have a drug test regularly, such as the police force and more.

CBD is a Cannabinoid which – can seem confusing when you are trying to decide if it will show up on a test.

It us very unlikely that CBD will show up in a drug test in the UK. Most drug tests are screening for the Compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the ‘psychoactive’ and illegal compound found in the Cannabis Plant. CBD oil that is Full Spectrum, like our own, will contain undetectable, trace amounts of THC (and all of the other 113 Cannabinoids) however this is in 0.002% amounts and will not be enough to trigger a positive drug test. CBD (cannabidiol) itself is not an illegal substance and so most tests will not screen for that specific compound.

So overall it is extremely unlikely to have any affect on a test as drug tests are looking for Illegal Substances (THC) and do not test for any other Cannabinoids. If you are still worried then it might be worth telling your company prior to the test of the product you are taking and asking if the test is tailiored to detect any other Cannabinoids and explain your use of legal CBD.

We hope this cleared up some questions you have.


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