Cooking with CBD – all your questions answered.

We have had a few customers asking us if they can use our CBD Tinctures for more than just Sub-lingual (under-tongue) absorption. Many people like to use CBD in smoothies or food – to disguise the taste or to just add a little something extra to their cooking. Here we will explain how to approach using CBD in the Kitchen.

So, can you use Well Zone CBD Tincture in cooking?

The straight answer is that yes, you can use CBD in Cold foods. It is essentially an oil, and ingesting it with other substances will not affect its quality. Making a smoothie with your normal amount of CBD can be a great way to mask the taste, however it may mean that you lose some of the CBD to the utensils. If you want to use our  Tincture in a smoothie or juice we recommend making the drink first and then dropping your oil into it, instead of blending it straight in and risking losing some. Bear in mind that ‘watering down’ your CBD will affect the strength and won’t be absorbed as quickly as Sub Lingual (under the tongue) absorption. Taking CBD through the digestive system is also a much slower process, taking 3-4 days to get into your system in opposed to almost instantly with Sub Lingual Absorbtion.

Cooking with hot food, however, can affect the quality of the CBD dramatically. If you were, for example, looking to bake CBD into some cake then you would first have to blend it with a fatty substance as a carrier oil – for example butter,ghee or coconut oil, meaning that you will have to dilute the strength per ml .  Heating CBD can also be a problem – CBD can evaporate at temperatures higher than 160 degrees Celsius and upon heating to any temperature you can kill some of the active Cannabinoid compounds, ruining the Full Spectrum quality – hence why we always recommend keeping it in a cool, dark place. Heating CBD oil too high can also make it more bitter – so no good for baking if you are trying to mask the taste.

If you do decide to cook with CBD then be careful to keep the food away from children and to label it clearly – although the CBD Tincture does not contain THC and will have no psychoactive affect, it is important to remember that not everyone will want to take it, and to clearly label any products made with it.

Overall, if you want to experiment with CBD in food we recommend sticking to cold recipes such as salads, smoothies or anything that does not require heat. Make sure to add the Tincture last so that you can be sure that you haven’t lost any residue on the utensils.

Always remember check that you are using a CBD Tincture and not a CBD Vape Liquid as our Vape Liquid is not suitable for human consumption as a food.

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