Summer Smoothie Recipes

Sometimes it can be hard to work CBD into your wellness routine. We all have busy lives and whether you’re rushing off on holiday or to catch the train a Smoothie is a great way to work CBD into your life alongside healthy and filling foods. Below are our selection of Summer Smoothies, created with the heat of summer in mind. If you’re interested in other CBD Recipes then we also have a blog post all about cooking with CBD.

One of our favourite things to to is to prep our smoothies the night before – chop up all of the fruit, veg and more you need and put it in a container in the freezer. No need for ice in the morning, just blend and you’re off!

Below are our Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for the month of July, suitable for a range of different tastes. Got a smoothie suggestion? Leave it below and it might make it into Augusts edition where you can name your own smoothie.

Note: Please remember to use CBD TINCTURE, not CBD Vape Liquid as the Vape juice is not for oral consumption (and will taste horrible!).


  1. Tropical Hit – a delicious Vegan smoothie with Coconut, Banana and Dates.

Ingredients; Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Banana, Dates, Ice , CBD

Directions; Simply mix coconut and almond milk (half a glass of each for one full smoothie) in your blender and chuck in a banana and dates to taste. Add your preferred amount of CBD Tincture – we normally use 2-3 drops and stir in.  Dates make this recipe super sweet, while the coconut gives it a refreshing twist. Try adding some oats for a more filling breakfast version!


2. Good Morning Sunshine – the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ drink – a smooth combination of creamy coffee and delicious chocolate with a hidden health hit.

Ingredients: Milk of choice, coffee granules, cocoa powder, honey , spinach, CBD.

Directions; Prepare a cup of coffee in your favourite method and put to the side to cool. When it is cool then add coffee, milk of choice, cocoa powder, banana, honey and a handful of spinach and blend together, pour over ice. Add your preferred amount of CBD Tincture – we normally use 2-3 drops and stir this in. This smoothie is great for anyone with a busy schedule – and its a great way to incorporate CBD into it.


3. Pick of the Season – a smoothie that you can make using locally sourced fruit.

Ingredients: Go to any local farmers market and pick up some berries of the season – from raspberries to blackberries there is always something! , Bananas, Milk of Choice, Ice, Honey, CBD.

Directions: Blend ice, milk, berries and bananas and add honey to taste. Pour over ice, top off with a few drops of CBD and away you go! We are big believers of using locally produced food and so if you can get the ‘pick of the season’ berries from a local farmers market you will really see the difference. Plus surprisingly they are cheaper than supermarket berries.


4. Super Food Smoothie – a lovely smoothie using a range of ‘super foods’, foods known to boost your body to it’s peak of health.

Ingredients: Banana, Milk of Choice, Spinach, Avocado, Chia Seeds, Honey, Blueberries, CBD.

Directions: Simply chuck everything in a blender and pour over ice, adding a few drops of CBD. This smoothie is also great with Oats added and makes a super filling and extremely energising breakfast on a busy day.


5. Proper Chocolate Shake – a sweet, chocolatey shake like those of an American Diner

–  not the healthiest of smoothies but we all want a sweet fix now and again!

Ingredients: Chocolate Ice Cream, Milk of Choice, Cocoa Powder, Greek Yogurt, CBD.

Directions: Add ice cream, milk, two teaspoons of Cocoa Powder, a scoop of Greek yogurt and blend. Serve in a tall glass over ice and stir in 2-3 drops of CBD.

Let us know if you try these recipes – or if you have any suggestions!

And remember,

Be Well , Stay Happy

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