What is ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ and ‘C02 Extraction’?

You may have noticed that all of our products are ‘Full Spectrum’ and ‘C02 Extracted’. But what does this actually mean? Let us explain.

The meaning of ‘Full Spectrum’

Get ready for a whole lot of CBD Jargon!

The Cannabis Sativa L plant contains over 100 compounds and one of these is CBD. CBD Isolate products use just the ‘CBD’ Compound, whereas Full Spectrum Products include a wider range of Cannabinoids present in the plant. When referring to a product as ‘Full Spectrum’ , as opposed to ‘CBD Isolate’, it means that the CBD contains all of the other Cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis/Hemp plant such as CBG(Cannabigerol), CBN (Cannabinol) and more. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is part of the range of Cannabinoids however it is only¬† in our CBD in trace concentrations (0.02%) and has no psychoactive effect.

C02 Extracted’

C02 Extracted CBD Oil essentially means that the oil is obtained using pressurised carbon dioxide (C02) to pull CBD and other Cannibinoids form the plant. It is said to be the ‘cleanest and most effective’ method of extracting CBD which is why we chose to use it.

We hope this helped this clear up any confusion you may have had – check out our products on the tab above!

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