Well Zone CBD Vape Liquid 0% Nicotine

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Our CBD Vape Liquid is designed for use in all Electronic-Cigarettes and Liquid Vapourisers.

Made with our top quality, full spectrum CBD.


Image shows strengths from 2.5% to 10%.

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CBD Vape Liquid 0% Nicotine

Our high potency CBD E-Liquid is made using the same high quality, full spectrum CBD that our Tincture is made from. It is suitable for use with all electronic cigarettes and liquid vaping devices and is made with the same mission as the rest of our range – no unnecessary additives, no GMO and never tested on animals. It does not contain any nicotine.


Vegetable Glycerine

Propylene Glycol

CBD Isolate

Flavourings (if requested)

And that is all!

Our Vape Liquid can be unflavoured or flavoured with our natural food flavouring. Choose from Tutti Frutti, Vanilla, Custard Cream and Lemon Drizzle Cake. Full lab analysis is availiable upon request but please bear in mind that the lab report changes with each batch and so we have to request for the details which can take a week or two.

If you are looking for a vapouriser our close friends at The Electro Tobacconist (electrotobacconist.co.uk)who  supply top quality devices and also stock our CBD Vape Liquid – so you can order them at the same time if easier.

Our strengths are measured in % rather than MG as we find it is slightly less confusing and it is easier to find a suitable strength. If you would like to find out what strength is which in terms of MG please check our ‘FAQ’S’ tab above which has a handy conversion chart and answers a handful of other CBD questions.


Strength in Percentage

2.5%, 5%, 10%

Bottle Size in Milliliters

10ml, 30ml


No Flavour, Tutti Frutti, Vanilla, Custard Cream, Lemon Drizzle Cake

3 reviews for Well Zone CBD Vape Liquid 0% Nicotine

  1. Well Zone

    A review Emailed to us from valued customers John and Wendie:

    ”Both me and my wife have been using CBD from these guys now for 3 months and can honestly say it’s really helping with both our pain relief. Our sleep is so much better now and my wife says I don’t snore any more. I wake up feeling relaxed . And the good thing we have both reduced the medication we both take. And our quality of life is so much better now and I can honestly say that if your in pain or have other health issues pay these guys a visit .I’m sure you won’t regret it.” ”I would not shop elsewhere now. We feel like part of there family now and they do really look after us.

    Thankyou Bob
    We look forward to our next visit”

  2. Barry

    I can’t thank them enough.
    They started me of on 500mg of CBD, and that same week my scooter broke down. I used the scooter every day to stay mobile, and without it I was worried that I would be stuck till it was fixed, but the usual panic and anxiety that this sort of situation usually brought on didn’t happen. Within a week of using the CBD vape juice I was less anxious and much abler to get my head round the situation, suddenly I was able to think it through and not let it take over my life, and then I realised that my constant companion, Pain, was not so intense either, and I could actually think about taking my dog for a walk, and a proper walk as well.
    Now after about a month of using the CBD vape juice as and when I need it, I have stopped taking the morphine, I am able to keep focus without getting anxious, I am so much more mobile, whilst still having to use the scooter for long distances, I am able to walk further than I have for years, without being crippled by the pain. I cannot put over in words how much my quality of life has improved exponentially within such a short time, which improves everyone else’s lives around me as well, it has given me a chance to live again, rather than just existing.
    I now feel so good that I have asked my Doctor to stop prescribing me any other pain killers, he has asked me to see how it goes but is not opposed to me using the CBD, as long as it works. I will be seeing him again soon and will update via Bing with another review here on the website.

    From Barry – transcribed by Bing

  3. cloemay

    Love this stuff! Especially the lemon drizzle flavour.. its the best of both worlds:) Thanks guys

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