We are now a member of The Cannabis Trades Association!

We are so excited to share this news with you all.

We are officially members of the Cannabis Trades Association meaning our products and company have passed their strict screening process and we have joined other UK members in providing top quality products and information. We are proud to be a member and join a host of other company’s who have similar mindsets – to provide high quality CBD with clear ingredients, manufacturing and information.

We are proud to say that when you buy a product from us you know that you can do it in confidence – not only are we Lab Tested but we are also an active part of a community who believes in the same extremely high standards.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, we hope to continue to grow as a reputable and trustworthy company.

Be Well, Stay Happy

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CBD and Drug Tests – Will it have an affect on my result?

Many people work in sectors that require them to have a drug test regularly, such as the police force and more.

CBD is a Cannabinoid which – can seem confusing when you are trying to decide if it will show up on a test.

It us very unlikely that CBD will show up in a drug test in the UK. Most drug tests are screening for the Compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the ‘psychoactive’ and illegal compound found in the Cannabis Plant. CBD oil that is Full Spectrum, like our own, will contain undetectable, trace amounts of THC (and all of the other 113 Cannabinoids) however this is in 0.002% amounts and will not be enough to trigger a positive drug test. CBD (cannabidiol) itself is not an illegal substance and so most tests will not screen for that specific compound.

So overall it is extremely unlikely to have any affect on a test as drug tests are looking for Illegal Substances (THC) and do not test for any other Cannabinoids. If you are still worried then it might be worth telling your company prior to the test of the product you are taking and asking if the test is tailiored to detect any other Cannabinoids and explain your use of legal CBD.

We hope this cleared up some questions you have.


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Cooking with CBD – all your questions answered.

We have had a few customers asking us if they can use our CBD Tinctures for more than just Sub-lingual (under-tongue) absorption. Many people like to use CBD in smoothies or food – to disguise the taste or to just add a little something extra to their cooking. Here we will explain how to approach using CBD in the Kitchen.

So, can you use Well Zone CBD Tincture in cooking?

The straight answer is that yes, you can use CBD in Cold foods. It is essentially an oil, and ingesting it with other substances will not affect its quality. Making a smoothie with your normal amount of CBD can be a great way to mask the taste, however it may mean that you lose some of the CBD to the utensils. If you want to use our  Tincture in a smoothie or juice we recommend making the drink first and then dropping your oil into it, instead of blending it straight in and risking losing some. Bear in mind that ‘watering down’ your CBD will affect the strength and won’t be absorbed as quickly as Sub Lingual (under the tongue) absorption. Taking CBD through the digestive system is also a much slower process, taking 3-4 days to get into your system in opposed to almost instantly with Sub Lingual Absorbtion.

Cooking with hot food, however, can affect the quality of the CBD dramatically. If you were, for example, looking to bake CBD into some cake then you would first have to blend it with a fatty substance as a carrier oil – for example butter,ghee or coconut oil, meaning that you will have to dilute the strength per ml .  Heating CBD can also be a problem – CBD can evaporate at temperatures higher than 160 degrees Celsius and upon heating to any temperature you can kill some of the active Cannabinoid compounds, ruining the Full Spectrum quality – hence why we always recommend keeping it in a cool, dark place. Heating CBD oil too high can also make it more bitter – so no good for baking if you are trying to mask the taste.

If you do decide to cook with CBD then be careful to keep the food away from children and to label it clearly – although the CBD Tincture does not contain THC and will have no psychoactive affect, it is important to remember that not everyone will want to take it, and to clearly label any products made with it.

Overall, if you want to experiment with CBD in food we recommend sticking to cold recipes such as salads, smoothies or anything that does not require heat. Make sure to add the Tincture last so that you can be sure that you haven’t lost any residue on the utensils.

Always remember check that you are using a CBD Tincture and not a CBD Vape Liquid as our Vape Liquid is not suitable for human consumption as a food.

And remember

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What is ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ and ‘C02 Extraction’?

You may have noticed that all of our products are ‘Full Spectrum’ and ‘C02 Extracted’. But what does this actually mean? Let us explain.

The meaning of ‘Full Spectrum’

Get ready for a whole lot of CBD Jargon!

The Cannabis Sativa L plant contains over 100 compounds and one of these is CBD. CBD Isolate products use just the ‘CBD’ Compound, whereas Full Spectrum Products include a wider range of Cannabinoids present in the plant. When referring to a product as ‘Full Spectrum’ , as opposed to ‘CBD Isolate’, it means that the CBD contains all of the other Cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis/Hemp plant such as CBG(Cannabigerol), CBN (Cannabinol) and more. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is part of the range of Cannabinoids however it is only  in our CBD in trace concentrations (0.02%) and has no psychoactive effect.

C02 Extracted’

C02 Extracted CBD Oil essentially means that the oil is obtained using pressurised carbon dioxide (C02) to pull CBD and other Cannibinoids form the plant. It is said to be the ‘cleanest and most effective’ method of extracting CBD which is why we chose to use it.

We hope this helped this clear up any confusion you may have had – check out our products on the tab above!

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Looking to start Vaping CBD? A guide on the best Vape to buy…

Our fabulous E-Liquid is a great way to incorporate CBD into your routine. But now you’ve decided to use it, where to start? Here is a handy guide to get your on your way to Vaping:

Our CBD Vape is suitable for use with most E-Cigarettes. If it is your first time vaping and you are a bit hesitant at jumping to the expensive E-Cigarettes we really reccomend starting out with a simple Vape Kit.

One of our favourites is the Sky Solo Plus vape kit by Vaporesso which retails at a reasonable £29.99. It comes with everything you need to start vaping and works well with all of our E-Liquids. Our friends at Electro Tobacconist have the handy kit for sale, linked below.

Sky Solo Plus by Vaporesso

And our E-Liquids are available above, and also supplied on the Electro Tobacconist Website so you can order them along with your vape.

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CBD – Whats the Law?

CBD – Whats the Law?


If you, like many UK Customers, are a little confused about the laws around CBD then this article will try to answer some of those burning questions.


Firstly –  Is it actually Legal?

Lots of people who are discovering CBD can feel a little taken aback by the fact it is made from Cannabis, considering Cannabis in its THC form is very much illegal here in the UK.

The cannabis, or hemp plant , is made up of more than 100 different cannabinoids. These are all very different and have different legal standings. The two major compounds that you will have heard about are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the part of Cannabis that will get you ‘high’ and is a psychoactive, controlled substance – it is a Class B Substance and is illegal in the UK.

CBD, however, is a non psychoactive derivative of Cannabis, is legal in the UK. It must be derived from an EU approved industrial Hemp strain and contains trace amounts of THC. It will not make you ‘high’ or have any psychoactive effects like the THC cannabis.

How can I tell that my CBD is good quality and regulated?

Most CBD Retailers adhere to very strict Lab Testing (we get every single batch tested before packaging to make sure that it is what it says on the bottle). If a company does not have lab results then you should look elsewhere – a good CBD company will always have tested products to make sure they are the quality they state on the bottle.

What about when I go travelling?

Different countries have different laws about CBD and some (like the UK) will be happy to allow it through customs whereas others class it as an illegal substance. It is very important to research the legality of bringing CBD to another country to avoid breaking the Law once you arrive there. Most major search engines have easy to find articles on different countries regulations if you simply type in ‘CBD Legal Standing in (insert destination)’.

We hope this article has covered some of your questions about CBD. Got any more? Leave a comment below and we will answer it in our next article!

Be Well, Stay Happy

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Our newest product: CBD Topical Balm!

We’ve got big news!

Our newest addition to the Well Zone family – CBD Topical Balm.

We are so excited to share it with you all. We’ve been looking for a way to incorperate our amazing CBD into a product that can be easily brought into your daily routine and have now begun to stock our 100% Natural Topical Balm. Using the same high quality CBD as our tinctures and a range of lovely natural ingredients– a smooth combination of Shea Butter, Coconut butter, Cacao Butter, Hemp Essential Oils and vitamins for the ultimate nourishment and protection of even the most demanding skin. It contains no artificial colours, aromas or preservatives so you can know that every use is a natural, nourishing experience.

Apply the balm topically when needed as part of your self-care routine. The balm has a gentle strength of 1% CBD per jar (300mg per 30ml) and is entirely C02 Extracted meaning it is the best possible quality. All of our products are made and packaged in the UK and are made using full spectrum cannabanoids.


Shea Butter

Coconut Butter

Mango Butter

SWEET ALMOND OIL (our balm is not suitable for customers with an allergy to tree nuts)

Candelilla Wax

Hemp Extract (CBD)

Hemp Essential Oils

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

And nothing else!

What is the shelf life of CBD?

What is the shelf life of CBD?

Below we discuss different ways to store CBD and how long a bottle should keep unopened.

If stored correctly an unopened bottle of CBD Oil will keep for 14 months from the date of production.

But there are some other factors that can effect and extend the shelf life – check them out below!


Cold Storage

Keeping oils cold can prolong the life of them. We reccomend keeping them in the fridge if they are in use regularly or even in the freezer if you don’t plant to open them for a few months. If you do keep them in the fridge, however, the low temperature may result in a small amount of natural seperation which will make the oil look a little cloudy – perfectly safe, just run it under warm water for a few minutes to get it flowing again.

Keep it out of daylight

Many CBD Companies say this is their one golden rule : keep the CBD away from Daylight!

We recomend keeping it in a fridge where it can also stay cool, or in a cool, dark pantry.


Keep it sealed

Once you have opened your CBD you have allowed oxygen to enter the bottle, meaning the process towards the ‘best-before’ date is sped up. If you know that you’re not planning on using your CBD for a while consider keeping the lid tightly on – it will protect it for much longer.


How do you store your CBD? Leave a comment below!

Be well, Stay Happy.

The Well Zone.