Looking to start Vaping CBD? A guide on the best Vape to buy…

Our fabulous E-Liquid is a great way to incorporate CBD into your routine. But now you’ve decided to use it, where to start? Here is a handy guide to get your on your way to Vaping:

Our CBD Vape is suitable for use with most E-Cigarettes. If it is your first time vaping and you are a bit hesitant at jumping to the expensive E-Cigarettes we really reccomend starting out with a simple Vape Kit.

One of our favourites is the Sky Solo Plus vape kit by Vaporesso which retails at a reasonable £29.99. It comes with everything you need to start vaping and works well with all of our E-Liquids. Our friends at Electro Tobacconist have the handy kit for sale, linked below.


And our E-Liquids are available above, and also supplied on the Electro Tobacconist Website so you can order them along with your vape.

Be Well, Stay Happy

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