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Our UK-grown organic Shiitake tincture is a liquid mushroom supplement extracted by us at our lab on the farm in Somerset.

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We are the only organic certified medicinal mushroom producer currently in the UK.

Shiitake, one of the most popular culinary mushrooms we grow, also boasts a great number of health-promoting benefits and has long been used in the medical traditions of China, Japan, Korea, and eastern Russia. Rich in bioactive compounds that have been successfully trialled for Shiitake’s cholesterol-lowering, weight management and immune-modulating functions. AHCC, a compound isolated from shiitake – has been widely researched as an adjuvant medicine for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Known for its beneficial polysaccharides, proteins, and vitamins – especially vitamin D – due to their high ergosterol content, Shiitake’s cultivation technique stems back to ancient China where the mushroom was seen as a symbol of youthfulness and virility.

Shiitake mushroom benefits:
Complementary compounds

Japanese scientists have extensively analysed the medicinal qualities of Shiitake over the years, and in 1989 revealed the existence of Active Hexose Correlated Compounds, which is the 2nd most popular complementary medicine for patients undergoing chemotherapy in Far East Asia today. A variety of studies highlight the fact that Shiitake is unusual in containing a large number of beta-glucans in comparison to other medicinal mushrooms.

Hormonal harmony

Shiitake mushrooms are rich in zinc, which has been shown to increase testosterone levels. They also contain a substantial amount of niacin – which helps to open blood vessels and aids the filtration and movement of blood; up-regulating detoxification, which allows us to re-balance our hormones.

Weight management

Compounds in Shiitake have been shown to help prevent weight gain and fat deposition due to their hypolipidemic effects.

Healthy Skin

The high amounts of vitamin D in shiitake could help control psoriasis – with a dermatological study from 2011 revealing that vitamin D can help both psoriasis and eczema. As a source of antioxidants like including Kojic acid (a natural skin brightener), Shiitake may aid the skin’s ability to heal from acne scars. Shiitake’s complex B vitamins might also be useful to help maintain skin hydration levels.

Bristol Fungarium promises
100% Organic Certified

The only UK grown organic certified Shiitake Mushroom Tincture. All our mushrooms are grown on an organic mushroom farm in the green county of Somerset UK, and are certified by the Soil Association. Our organic medicinal mushroom tinctures are triple extracted with distilled water and organic UK ethanol, on the very same farm the mushrooms are grown on.

Grown in Somerset, UK

Our Shiitake is grown on our organic mushroom farm, where we crop over half a ton per month. We also prepare the tinctures and pack the orders in-house – meaning origin can be traced back to one location in the clean green pastures of Somerset with absolutely no tampering by third parties.

Triple Extracted, 1: 4 Ratio (Super Strength)

We carry out two hot water extractions and a final organic ethanol extraction to gain access to all the bioactive compounds responsible for Shiitake ‘s immuno-modulating, adaptogenic and antioxidant capacity. Many capsules and supplements are shipped across the world in powder form as it is a more commercially viable way of transporting extracted products, however, our tinctures are prepared on-site at a 1:4 ratio (1g of mushrooms to every 4ml of water). Tinctures have a longer shelf life than capsules, provide a faster absorption rate, enable flexible dosage, and are easy to prepare by simply taking one squeeze of mushroom tincture twice per day either directly under the tongue or into a short glass of water.

Fully Transparent & Short Supply Chain

Each bottle of our organic Shiitake tincture contains 128g of Shiitake fruiting body*. Because our supply chain is so much shorter, and we prepare our tincture in comparatively small batches, you can be sure that the extracts you buy from us haven’t lost bioactive compounds due to sitting around for a long time or being shipped halfway across the world. *fresh value

Known Contraindications: 

  • Immunosuppressant medication
  • We recommend speaking to a qualified medical practitioner if you are on any medication and unsure of how it may interact.


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